Bollywood movies you should definitely check out:  Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)

"I will not forget you, / Not as long as I breathe, / Not as long as I live…"

Samar Anand, a leading officer of Indian Army Bomb Disposal Squad, meets the Discovery Channel reporter Akira Rai who wants to make a documentary film on Samar, “the man who cannot die”. She falls in love with the soldier and finds that he loves a girl who stays in London and had promised not to meet her again. Samar’s relationship with Meera and Akira, Both encountered 10 years apart forms the crux of this romantic saga directed by late Mr. Yash Chopra in his last movie.


 Bollywood movies you should definitely check out:  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

"If she can’t be my best friend, I can’t be in love with her. Without friendship, there is no love. Simple. Love is friendship. Okay, Ms. Briganza?"

Rahul Khanna and Anjali Sharma were best friends at college. Anjali realizes that she has fallen for Rahul but she’s too late because Rahul has already fallen for Tina Malhotra. Heartbroken, Anjali leaves the city. Tina and Rahul get married and soon Tina becomes pregnant, giving birth to a daughter which they call Anjali. Due to complications during pregnancy, Tina passes away. Anjali is brought up by her father, and each year on her birthday he allows his daughter to read one of her mother’s letters. Through these letters she learns that her mother (Tina) knew that another Anjali was in love with Rahul, and vows to bring them together again.


film meme» nine male characters [5/9]: Kabir Khan

"You are fighting everyone in this country who thinks girls can never match up to men, cannot hold a job as well as a man, cannot make decisions like men. You are fighting each fool who has forgotten that if a girl has given life to him, she can do anything. Anything."

Kabir Khan is a man who overcomes the problems in life without being skeptical and disturbed. When he decides to take on the mammoth task of making a winning team of the National Indian Women´s Hockey team, he is not an outsider. On the contrary - Kabir Khan is a former hockey player who was disgraced and discarded from the team during a World Cup match against Pakistan in which he misses a poignant deciding goal. Now he approaches to be the coach of a rag-tag bunch of girls as a challenge to overcome his failure and the obstacles that stopped him from taking India to the top league in the field of Hockey. His challenge is to reshape a team that had forgotten what the word “team” actually means and instill the virtue of belief. A belief in realizing that if you want, you can do it,:

“Take a stand/ now or never/ choose a high/ leave your mark/
now or never/ kill doubt/ stand for something/
prove something/ make waves/ never say die/
live your dream/ conquer your fears/ take a ristk […]”

[the rest of the song/lyrics can be found here / more about the movie here]


Get To Know MeFavorite Scenes [7/9]: Swades (2004)

"Water! Twenty Paisa a cup!"

Mohan is on his way back to the home village of his childhood nanny after an emotionally gruelling journey, where he had to face poverty of a tenant farmer who cannot pay his rent and has problems providing for his family when the train stops. A small boy sells water and Mohan buys some and drinks it (even though it´s probably not the wisest step to drink this kind of water when you´re not used to it anymore).

The way the emotions move across Shah Rukh Khan’s  face as he drinks it, that whole scene just tears my heart out. It´s so brutally honest and raw.


Good people of bollywood

  • Naina (K3G)
  • Aman (KKHH)
  • Aman (KHNH)
  • Vanraj (HDDCS)